Ribbon is a film that prints labels using a bar code printer and performs this printing by thermal transfer.

Wax Ribon

Wax ribon is a kind of ribon that provides economical transfer for general purpose. The wax ribbons that I use when printing on paper-based labels are the ribbons that reduce printing costs with reasonable prices. With wax ribbons, you can print with wax ribbons close to 90% of all other labels except plastic based labels.

Wax / Resin Ribon

Wax Resin Ribbon can be used in many applications thanks to its versatility. The formula provides vellum, glossy paper, and some synthetics, which print on flat head printers on a variety of materials. It is designed for standard label printing as well as for printing that requires particularly strong mechanical durability.

Resin Ribon

Resin Ribbons are ribbons that are very resistant to chemical external conditions, digging and running on synthetic materials. Resin ribon; It is the most durable ribon variety. The cost is higher than wax-resin ribbons. It is used in a variety of labels that will be exposed to friction, high temperature and chemical substances