The label is a label with no protective layer on the surface of the Eco thermal label. Printing on these labels is done thermally, so no ribbons are used.
If your printer is suitable for thermal printing, if the use of your labels is less than 6 months and the area where you will stick the label is a suitable area for fast consumption, you will reduce your printing cost by using thermal labels. Eco thermal label stands out as the most economical label with thermal printing in short use.
As Ms Label; We are producing Eco Thermal label on all sizes.


Lamine thermal labels are one of a variety of labels that have thermal label properties that they take for granted. Printing is done by direct thermal printing method without using ribbon. For this reason, your barcode printer must be compatible with the direct thermal method. Lamine (Top) On the surface of the thermal label is a protective layer on top of the thermal layer. Because of this, Eko has longer life and print quality than thermal print.
As Ms Label; We are producing Lamine Thermal label on all sizes.


Coated label is one of the most preferred labels among paper-based labels due to its low cost of printing at reasonable prices despite the fact that it is printed with ribbons by thermal transfer method. The top surface of the coated label is semi-bright and smooth, without a hole. Thanks to this surface structure, perfect printing is achieved with ribbed printing. Because of this feature, ribbons are among the most preferred labels on labels.

As Ms Label; We are producing Kuşe label on all sizes.


The Vellum label, which is one of the paper-based label variants, has the same characteristics as the glossy label. The difference that distinguishes the vellum label from the glossy label is that while the glossy label has a smooth structure, the upper surface of the Vellum label has invisible pits. However, there is no difference in print quality. The vellum label is also printed with ribbons, such as glossy labels.

As Ms Label; We are producing Vellum labels on all sizes.


It is a label raw material made of polypropylene hard structure. Opaque, Matte and Transparent. Plastic-based labels are grouped and do not exhibit deterioration properties in water, moisture, heat, etc. Polypropylene, resistant to heat and light, is easy to tear as long as it is not stretched or forced. Because of these features, it is one of the label types suitable for use in outdoor environment like other plastic based labels.
As Ms Label; We are producing polypropylene (PP) labels on all sizes.


Polyethylene (PE) is a plastic-based label type and therefore has a structure suitable for printing by thermal transfer with resin ribbons. It has a certain flexibility and is tear-free in the direction of flow. Polyethylene labels are resistant to external factors such as water, heat, light and moisture because they are plastic type labels. For this reason, they are among the most suitable labels for outdoor environments.

As Ms Label; We are producing Polyethylene labels on all sizes.


The Silvermat sticker is a special sticky plastic-based sticker that is based on both warm and cold. It is also known as the sticker sticker. The two surfaces, that is, both the adhesive backing and the upper surface are matt gray or shiny gray. It is preferred because it is long lasting, because the pressure and stickiness is long lasting.

As Ms Label; We are producing Silvermat Label in all sizes.


The Fastyre label, which is a member of the paper-based label group, has the same characteristics as paper-based labels. In case of difficulty there is a tearing feature. The difference with other paper-based labels is that it has a special adhesive on its surface and sticks tightly even on rough, rough surfaces. Due to its high level of adhesion, it is torn to the side where it does not come out of its adhered place.

As Ms Label; We are manufacturing Fastyre Label on all sizes.


Like fasty labels, they have a high degree of stickiness. Filmictic labels are made from rigid materials and are easy tear-free, rigid labels. At the same time it is resistant to heat and light. Fast label labels, also known as sack labels, do not come easily from sticky areas.

As Ms Label; We are producing Filmictyre Label on all sizes.


The sandwich label is a type of label that consists of 3 cats, with adhesive paper on both sides between the top paper and the carrier paper. There is double pergam under the label.
Generally used in the manufacture of piece labels,